New Jersey Litigation Lawyers

Experienced New Jersey Litigation Lawyers

Labor and Employment Lawyers

Employees in New Jersey have rights under federal and state law, including the right to work free from discrimination and retaliation, free from harassment, workers’ compensation protections,  timely wages paid, and proper overtime pay. MORE

Education Lawyers

Mark Law Firm, LLC, is one of the first firms to handle special education matters, and has taken up the charge since Governor Christie’s passing of the January 6, 2011 Anti-Bullying Bill. Additionally, the firm specializes in school children’s rights pursuant to Rehabilitation Act of 1973 , Section 504 (504 Plan), Individual Education Plans (IEP) and Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB).  MORE

Personal Injury Attorneys

At Mark Law Firm, LLC, we understand the ripple effect of a major accident or injury on all aspects of your life. We provide compassionate and knowledgeable legal guidance to help clients obtain holistic recovery. To us, you will never be just another case or file. We will take a personal and genuine interest in your well-being. – MORE

Business Litigation Lawyers

The attorneys at Mark Law Firm, LLC, offer full-service civil litigation representation to a broad range of clients, from individuals, families, small business and company to business professionals. The Firm provides thorough, aggressive representation in all civil litigation, business formation, litigation avoidance, and small business counseling. – MORE

Divorce and Family Lawyers

Family Law is a term describing a general area of law. Our firm handles a full range of family law disputes. Family law issues are very sensitive matters that are generally very personal and can affect many people beyond the parties directly involved.  MORE

Criminal / Municipal Court Attorneys

It is an unfortunate and troubling experience to be stopped for a traffic violation, arrested on drug charges, or to have been charged with a crime. Prior to entering into the practice, one of the firm’s partners, Jamison Mark was an Assistant Deputy Attorney General, where he gained valuable trial experience. The firm knows how to protect you. MORE

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